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Kerala, popularly known as God's own Country, situated on the southwestern Malabar coast of India is one of the perfect holiday destinations in the country. Kerala is famous for its backwaters, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, gorges, wildlife, ancient forts, palaces, temples and many more. Kerala is also known as the Spice Capital of India and it is a perfect destination for foodies. The tropical climate supporting lush evergreen rain forest is one of the main attraction. Kerala is also famous for its unique culture and tradition. The culture and tradition of the state will vary from South to North. 

Capital: Thiruvanthapuram
Location: Southwest India
Language: Malayalam
Temperature: Summer (March-May) - 32°C to 36°C
                      Monsoon (June-Oct)   - 24°C to 30°C
                      Winter (Nov-Feb)       - 22°C to 28°C
Best time to visit: Months between September and February are ideal for visiting Kerala.

In this blog, you will get some information that you want to know about Kerala. 
So plan your trip and enjoy every bit of God's Own Country!

Sunday 26 January 2020



Kerala has some marvellous holiday destinations and opens its door for beach holidays, honeymoons, adventurous trips, pilgrims, ayurvedic tourism, etc. Some of the best places to visit in Kerala are Kovalam, Alleppy, Munnar, Wayanad, Kumarakom, and the list goes on. So here are the best places to visit in Kerala, that must be a part of your travel plan.


Kovalam Beach | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Kovalam beach is one of the finest and most visited beaches in India. The shallow water and the low tidal waves are popular among the tourists. Kovalam has three crescent-shaped beaches named Lighthouse beach, Hawah beach, Samudra beach separated by rocky outcroppings and together forms the famous Kovalam beach. The town Kovalam is situated along the Malabar coast in the state of Kerala situated 16 km away from Thiruvananthapuram city.

Best time to visit: September to March
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 10 km away.
Nearest railway station: Trivandrum Central, 16 km away.

Where to stay: If you have enough budget then you can stay in beachside resorts. There are also wide ranges of budget-friendly hotels and homestays in Kovalam. You can find some here!


Varkala Beach | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, Varkala beach also known as Papanasham beach is a cliff beach along the Arabian sea is one of the most gorgeous and best places to visit. Surrounded by green lush and golden sands, the beach is an ideal location for sunbath and swimming. 

Best time to visit: September to March
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 36 km away.
Nearest railway station: Varkala Sivagiri, 4 km away.

Where to stay: There are different type of resorts and homestays near the beach. You can find some here!


Alappuzha | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Alappuzha, known as the 'Venice of the East' is the Backwater capital of Kerala. Alappuzha provides you with a unique experience to revive and spend time with your family and friends.  Located on the banks of Vembanadu lake this beautiful city is famous for its backwaters, lagoons, evergreen coconut groves and other natural bounties. Whether you are a nature lover, searching for a romantic destination Alappuzha is the perfect destination for you.

Best time to visit: October to March
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 85 km away.
Nearest railway station: Alappuzha

Where to stay: There are many river view resorts and budget-friendly homestays in Alappuzha. You can find some here!  


Munnar | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

One of the most attractive hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is truly a heavenly tourist destination. Munnar is known as the Kashmir of South India and is a popular honeymoon destination in the country. This gorgeous hill station is situated 5200ft above the sea level have picturesque mountains, rolling hills will always make you chill during all the seasons.

Best time to visit: Year-round destination (Best during winter)
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 125 km away.
Nearest railway station: Alwaye, 135 km away.

Where to stay: You can find different types of resorts and homestays in Munnar. You can find some here!
You can also check Kerala Tourism Development Cooperation (KTDC) hotel KTDC Tea County.


Thekkady | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Located near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Thekkady is the best place to enjoy a jungle vacation. The evergreen deciduous forest of Periyar National Park is the major attraction of Thekkady which is home to many animals like elephants, tigers, lion-tailed macaques, sambar and many more. Thekkady is known as the home for spices such as black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and clove. Anakkara, a place near Kumily, is famous for spice gardens and the best place to enjoy nature. Chellar Kovil is another area located nearby, has a lot of beautiful waterfalls. 
Best time to visit: October to February
Nearest airport: Madurai Airport, 140 km away.
Nearest railway stationKottayam, 107 km away. 

Where to stay: Many luxury and budget-friendly resorts and homestays are there in Thekkady. You can find some here!


Kumarakom | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Located in the Kottayam district of Kerala, Kumarakom is a part of Kuttanadu which offers you an amazing experience of Vembanadu lake with lush mangrove forest, coconut trees and paddy fields. You can explore the beautiful Vembanadu lake by boating, yachting and fishing. The bird sanctuary which is spread across 14 acres is famous for migratory birds. A walk through the village will give an unforgettable experience and make your trip a perfect one.

Visiting Hours: 06:00 - 17:00 hrs
Entry Fees: INR 50/-

Best time to visit: September to March
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 125 km away.
Nearest railway station: Kottayam, 13 km away.

Where to stay: Several luxury and budget resorts are there in Kumarakom. You can find some here!


Fort Kochi | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Fort Kochi (also known as Old Kochi), located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala is one of the major tourist places in Kerala. This beach town has genuine historic samples that were left behind by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Jews and the British. A walk through the streets of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry will make you feel like you are in another country. The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, originally built by the Portuguese is one of the nine Basilicas in Kerala and one of the finest churches in India. The St. Francis Church built in 1503, is the oldest European Church in India where the body of Vasco de Gama was originally buried.  

Best time to visit: July to April
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 37 km away.
Nearest railway station: Ernakulam Junction, 13 km away.

Where to stay: There are many hotels and resorts in Fort Kochi and nearby places. You can find some here!


Athirapally Waterfall | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Located in Thrissur district, this 80ft high 330ft wide waterfall is the largest in Kerala and is often referred to as Niagara Falls of India. It's surrounding greenery is perfect for walks and picnics with family and friends. There is also another waterfall named Vazhachal falls which is close to the forest region near to Athirapally falls.

Best time to visit: September to March
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 55 km away.
Nearest railway station: Chalakudy, 30 km away.

Where to stay: Athirapally falls is about 85 km from Kochi. You can stay in Kochi and can go there by cab or bus. You can find some here!


Wayanad | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Wayanad, the pristine paradise is situated among the mountains of Western Ghats. Wayanad is a beautiful hilly region in the Western Ghats that is located in the southern region of Deccan plateau. Wayanad is also famous for its wildlife. Wayanad homes a wide variety of wild animals like leopards, elephants, bears and many more. Edakkal caves are well known for its cave arts situated 3900ft above sea level is one of the main attractions. Kuruva Island, a protected island over the middle of the river Kabini, one of the three east-flowing rivers in the state. The island which is spread across 900 acres homes some rich and rare species of flora and fauna.

You can read more about Wayanad here!

Best time to visit: September to March
Nearest airport: Kozhikode International Airport, 85km away.
Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, 75 km away.

Where to stay: Many heritage type resorts and homestays are available in Wayanad. You can find some here!


Bekal Fort | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Located in the Kasargod district, northern Kerala, Bekal is among the most scenic hamlets you can ever visit while on a Kerala tour. Built-in the 17th century, this keyhole-shaped historic miracle is the largest fort in the state which offers a spectacular view of the Arabian sea.

Visiting Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 hrs
Entry Fees: INR 15/- (Free for children up to 15 years)

Best time to visit: October to March
Nearest airport: Mangalore airport, 50 km away.
Nearest railway station: Kasargod, 12 km away.

Sunday 19 January 2020



Kerala is named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler. The state is blessed with a beautiful landscape from mountains to beaches, from evergreen forests to backwaters and from tea slopes to paddy fields and is also gifted with a calm tropical climate. There are many places in Kerala that are not yet commercialized in the name of tourism which offers a real travel experience. So if you want to explore such places, here are the offbeat places in Kerala. 

#1. GAVI


Gavi situated in the district of Pathanamthitta is one of the few forest stations in Kerala where tourists can stay inside the forest as part of the Kerala government eco-tourism program. Gavi is one of the best places in Kerala to enjoy and feel the immaculate forest and wildlife.

Best time to visit: September to March 
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport
Nearest railway station: Thiruvalla 

How to reach: The only bus in this route starts at 6:30 am from Pathanamthitta KSRTC depot, which is 32km from Thiruvalla. The bus will reach Gavi by 11:30am. Return bus to Pathanamthitta will be at 2:30 pm and reaches by 7:30 pm.
You can also take your private vehicles to Gavi.

Where to stay: Gavi is a part of Periyar Tiger Reserve. There is no private hotels or homestays in Gavi. The only option is the 'Green Mansion' which is run by the Kerala Forest Development Cooperation (KFDC). You can check here!



Situated in Kollam district, Jatayu Earth Center is the largest bird sculpture in India. It contains all aspects of tourism offerings and will be a complete God’s own Country experience to each one of you. Spread across 65 acres of land, Jatayu Earth's Center has elegant and mesmerizing elements that tempt you for a visit.

Best time to visit: Year-round destination
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport
Nearest railway station: Kollam Junction

Where to stay: You can find a lot of hotels in Kollam which is 
35 km away. You can find some here!



Ponmudi is a hill station situated in Thiruvanthapuram district offers a lot of things to do for holidaymakers. Hiking on Agasthyarkoodam, the highest peak in Ponmudi which is 1868ft above sea level is an unforgettable experience.  The landscape of Ponmudi is an intermix of hills and valleys with forestland and plantation

Best time to visit: October to March
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 67 km away.
Nearest railway station: Trivandrum Central, 61 km away.


Silent Valley National Park

Situated in Palakkad district Silent Valley is the home to rare animals like Nilagiri Thar and Lion-tailed Macaques. This evergreen forest is an authentic place to explore the natural beauty at its best. Silent Valley got its name because of the absence of crickets. The river Kunthi, a tributary of Bharathapuzha, flowing through the Silent Valley is one of the less polluted rivers in the state.  The Silent Valley National Park homes to some rich and rare flora and fauna.

Best time to visit: September to April
Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport, 117 km away.
Nearest railway station: Palakkad Junction, 45 km away.



Situated in Kasargod district of Kerala, Ranipuram lies 3350ft above the sea level in Western ghats ranges of Kerala-Karnataka border. The topmost peak of Ranipuram is known as Manimala. To reach there, an hour slog is required. So it is an ideal place for trekking. On the way, you can see a different type of unique plant species. 

Best time to visit: September to February
Nearest airport: Mangalore
Nearest railway station: Kangangad



A cluster of fourteen islands,  Kadamakkudi is an island suburb of the city of Kochi in Kerala. Located 15km away from Kochi, Kadamakkudy is a perfect destination to unwind yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life. This countrysides landscape and rich flora and fauna will give amazing experience and picturesque views. 

Best time to visit: September to January
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 26 km away.
Nearest railway station: Ernakulam Town, 12 km away.

Where to stay: Kadamakudy is nearly 45 minutes ride from the city centre. You can stay in Kochi, where you find a lot of hotels and resorts. You can find some here!



Meesapulimala near Munnar lies 8661ft above the sea level is the second peak in the Western Ghats after Anamudi, is a destination for highly adventurous. The 8km trek through the Rhodovalley offers breathtaking views of grasslands and rainforests. Rhodovalley is named thus due to the presence of Rhododendron flowers. Meesapulimala is a perfect destination for trek and camp in Kerala. The trekking is organised by the Kerala Forest Development Cooperation. You have to book slots to get part in the trek. For more details and booking a slot, you can check Kerala Tourism.

Best time to visit: September to February
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 168 km away.
Nearest railway station: Alwaye, 169 km away.
Distance from Munnar to the base camp: 24 km away.


Adavi Eco-Tourism

Adavi Eco-Tourism is jointly launched by the Department of Forest and Wildlife Kerala and Kerala Tourism Development Corporation which gives an amazing experience with nature. Adavi, a beautiful forest, 20 km away from Pathanamthitta town, situated on the banks of Kallar river is the main tourist destination in Konni. The main attractions of Adavi are the coracle boat ride and the bamboo hut stay. 

Konni Elephant Reserve

Konni Elephant Reserve is also a must-visit place in the eco-tourism. The main attraction is the huge wooden cages or the elephant kraal, locally known as Aanakoodu, built to house the elephants. It houses 3-4 elephants at a time.

For more details and packages, visit Kerala Tourism.

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 100 km away.
Nearest railway station: Punaloor, 25 km away.


Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake is a freshwater lake which is 800 meters above the sea level situated in Wayanad district of  Kerala. Surrounded by thick green lush forest, gives a peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views. The forest which is surrounded by the lake homes some of the rich and rare flora and fauna. The lake is filled with different types of fishes is one of the attractions of  Pookode Lake. 

Best time to visit: September to February
Nearest airport: Kozhikode International Airport
Nearest railway station: Kozhikode


Marayoor Forest

Marayoor, the only natural sandalwood forest in Kerala is a nearby village, 40 km away from Munnar in Idukki district. Marayoor is also famous for sugarcane farms. There are many jaggery making plants near the roadside. Marayoor has different varieties of medicinal plants and also more than 1000 varieties of flowering plants.


Kanthaloor, a hill station, 14 km away from Marayoor is also a must-visit place. Kanthaloor which is not commercialised in the name of tourism is the best alternative choice for Munnar because of its climate and picturesque landscapes. It is the only place in South India where apples are grown. Different varieties of orange, strawberry, blackberry, plum etc. are also grown here.

Best time to visit: August to March
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 146 km away.
Nearest railway station: Alwaye, 147 km away
Distance from Munnar: 40 km

Where to stay: As Marayoor is just 40 km away from Munnar, you can stay there. You can find some here!

You can also stay in Kanthaloor where there are a lot of homestays and cottages near the farms. You can find some here!

Friday 10 January 2020



Kerala is famous for its culture and tradition. Festivals in Kerala speaks about history, culture, belief and are celebrated with passion. From dazzling views of nature to colourful festivals, Kerala is an ideal destination to explore. So if you want to explore every bit of the state, here are some of the festivals in Kerala.

#1. ONAM

Onam | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Onam, a harvest festival of Kerala, which is the national festival of the state, celebrated during the Malayalam month of Chingam. According to mythology, Onam is celebrated for the coming of King Mahabali, an Asura king, who brought peace and prosperity in the land. During Onam people clean their houses and decorate with florals for ten days. Onasadya or vegetarian feast is the best part of the festival which contains 10-16 separate dishes that are served in a plantain leaf.

When is Onam Celebrated: Between August and September
Onam 2020 dates: 22nd August to 2 September


Vishu Kani | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Vishu falls in the Malayalam month of Medam is one of the important festivals of the state. During the night before Vishu, several auspicious items such as rice, coconut, jack fruit and other vegetables along with silver coins, vaalkannadi (metal mirror) and golden shower were placed in a  small vessel called Vishu Kani is prepared and people start there Vishu day by viewing this Vishu Kani. Usually, the elder family members give Vishukaineettam (money) to the younger ones during the Vishu day.

When is Vishu celebrated: Vishu usually falls in April
Vishu 2020 date: 14th April


Thrissur Pooram | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

It is one of the famous temple festivals in Kerala. It is held in Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thrissur. The Thrissur Pooram is a competition festival between two temples named Paramekkavu Bhagavathi Temple and Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple and is purely a visual treat as there are around more than 50 decorated elephants along with 100s of Panchavadhya Melam artists. Pooram is also called festivals of festivals. The most famous part of Pooram is the firework display. The interesting fact is, none of the fireworks is made up of modern technology.

Thrissur Pooram 2020 date: 3rd May


Snake Boat Race | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Snake Boat Race or Chundan Vallam Kali is the traditional boat race competition conducted during the harvest festival Onam, in the backwaters of Kerala. It is a perfect example of a team spirit. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Boat Race, President's Trophy Boat Race, Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race are some of the popular events.

Nehru Trophy 2020 date: 8th August
Venue: Punnamada Lake, Alappuzha

Aranmula Uthrattadi Boat Race 2020 date: 4th September
Venue: River Pamba, Pathanamthitta

President's Trophy Boat Race 2020 date: 1st November
Venue: Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam

Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race 2020 date: 4th July
Venue: River Pambha, Alappuzha


Theyyam | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Theyyam is one of the spectacular ritual art forms of Northern Kerala. This 800 years old art form is purely a combination of devotion, dance, music and costumes. There are about 400 types of Theyyam and are mainly performed by males, except the Devakoothu Theyyam and are staged in various temples of Malabar during the months between December and May.


Attukal Pongala | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Pongala is the important festival of Attukal Bhagavathi Temple, Thiruvananthapuram. Pongala Mahotsavam is a 10 days festival in the Malayalam month of Makaram-Kumbham. Thousands of women gather around the temple and prepare Pongala (rice cooked with jaggery, ghee, coconut), which is a temple custom in some part of the state. Attukal Temple is known as the 'Sabarimala for Women' because of the presence of thousands of women during the Pongala day.  

Attukal Pongala 2020 date: 9th March


Christmas in Kerala | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Christmas is celebrated in Kerala in a grand manner. The preparation begins at the starting of December. Most of the houses and churches are decorated with stars and lights, Christmas Carols can also be seen during this seasonSpecial masses are conducted on Christmas Eve in all churches. During this season, people prepare different varieties of cakes and wines at their home.

Christmas 2020 date: 25th December


Makaravilakku | Festivals in Kerala | Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Sunday 5 January 2020



Kerala is a paradise for food lovers. Kerala cuisine is a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian prepared using fish, poultry and red meat. The common ingredient of all dishes is coconut and coconut oil. Kerala is the land of spices and uses spices such as chilly, mustard, turmeric, pepper, ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, tamarind etc. in almost all the dishes.


Kerala Sadhya

The traditional vegetarian feast of Kerala, Sadhya includes rice and different varieties of vegetarian curries served in a plantain leaf. Sadhya is a balance of sweet, sour and spicy dishes, mostly served on Onam, weddings and other special functions. 



Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked in a mould with grated coconut is one of the popular breakfast items in Kerala. This well-liked food item is usually served with kadala curry (black chickpeas) or ripe bananas.


Appam and Stew
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Another favourite food item of Kerala, Appam is a type of thin pancake made from fermented rice flour. The middle portion is thick and spongy while the sides are thin and crispy, Appam is usually served with stews either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


Idiyappam and Egg Curry

Idiyappam, also known as Noolappam, is made from rice flour and grated coconut. Cooked in steam, Idiyappam is light and soft and best with egg curry or ripe bananas. 


Karimeen Pollichathu


Kerala Nadan Chicken Curry


Kappa Meen Curry


Beef Ularthiyathu


Thalassery Dum Biriyani

Thalassery Dum Biriyani is one of the famous dishes in Kerala. Made with biriyani rice, authentic masala mix, dry fruits, eggs and chicken, this dish is specially cooked during Eid season and served with salad, pappad and lime pickle.


Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori or Ethakka Appam is a fritter, made with ripened bananas dipped in maida flour and fried in oil. Usually served along with tea, Pazham Pori is one of the favourite evening snacks in Kerala. In some part of Kerala, Pazham Pori is also served with beef curry.


Kozhikodan Halwa

Kozhikodan Halwa, a soft rubbery texture sweet made of wheat, jaggery, cardamom and dry fruits, is popular across the country. Unlike other Halwas, Kozhikodan Halwa is made in pure coconut oil and available in different varieties of taste and colour.


Palada Pradhaman

Palada Pradhaman is one of the traditional desserts of Kerala. This sweet yummy delicious dessert made with rice ada, milk, ghee and dry fruits are mainly prepared during Onam and other special occasions.

Wednesday 1 January 2020



Kerala, the Gods Own Country, has been a favourite destination for travellers for years because of its scenic views and loads of activities. Kerala is full of breathtaking and picturesque views. The natural beauty and distinctive culture make the state a must-visit place in the country. Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in India which offers you more than just beaches and backwaters.


Kerala Houseboats

The backwaters of Kerala have been used for centuries by local people for transportation and fishing. But today backwater is the most vital attraction of Kerala tourism. A journey through this spectacular view of backwaters gives us an amazing experience.


Beaches in Kerala

Lying on the coast of Arabian sea, Kerala is home to many spectacular beaches. This extremely beautiful state is gifted with some quiet and clean beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Marari, Fort Kochi, Cherai, Kozhikode, Muzhappilangad and the list goes on. There are a lot of resorts and hotels near the beaches where tourists can relax and spend their time sunbathing, swimming or enjoying the exciting view.



Combination of devotion, drama, dance, music, costumes and makeups Kathakali was originated in Kerala over 300 years ago. The slight rapid motion of lips, flickering of eyes and the figure movements have a great significance. This glorious classical art will make the audience unable to take their eyes away from the stage and gives an amazing experience.



Regarded as one of the oldest and notable martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu focuses not only on exercise and physical ability but also on the energy system of the body. This Indian martial art with a legacy of more than 3000 years is perfect sync of mind and body.


Vagamon Paragliding

From the very old, man has dreamt of flying in the sky. Since then we have invented different methods to fly. Today paragliding has become popular like other sports such as scuba diving, surfing, trekking etc. Flying freely like a bird will give a magical experience to both mind and body. In Kerala, Vagamon in Kottayam district has become the hotspot of paragliding.    


Zorbing Ball in Pookode Lake

Zorbing or orbing is a sport of rolling downhill inside an orb or a sphere. Zorbing ball is a transparent plastic ball where people are harnessed inside and inflated and sealed properly. The ball rolls when pushed on a plane surface or slope surface. This internationally performed sport is now practised in Pookode lake, Wayanad.


Cable Car in Kerala

In Kerala, cable cars are available at Jatayu Earth Center, Kollam and Malambuzha dam, Palakkad. The worlds biggest bird sculpture Jatayu Earth Center, situated at a height of 750ft from the sea level and the never-ending greenery of western ghats are a treat to eyes from the cable car. Malambuzha one of the largest reservoirs of Kerala in Palakkad district surrounded by the western ghats on all sides will give a stunning view from the top.


Coracle Boat in Kerala

Experience the beauty of nature at its best in a Coracle boat through the Kallar river. Coracle boat, locally known as Kotta Vanchi, is a small rounded, light-weighted boat made of bamboos. These boats are the general attraction of Konni eco-tourism.  There are two types of rides available. A short-distance ride costs INR 400 and carries a maximum of 4 guests. Whereas a long-distance ride costs INR 800 and carries a maximum of 8 guests.

For more details and packages, visit Kerala Tourism.


Trek and Camp in Kerala

Kerala is a heaven for those who love trekking and camping. The Gods Own Country is gifted with lush evergreen rain forest, green hills, and tea slopes are undoubtfully the right place for the people who love to trek and camp. The major trekking destinations of the state are Idukki, Wayanad, Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram. Enjoy the beauty of Western Ghats through trekking and experience the silence of nature through camping.


Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda, meaning The Science of Life, originated 5000 years ago in India is one of the oldest medical systems, which offers various body therapies to help release impurities from the body and to purify the mind. By using natural herbs and oils, the body therapies will ease the tension of the body and relaxes the mind. Most of the resorts in Kerala offer a wide range of Ayurvedic treatment. So take a break, experience Ayurveda and relive all your stress.


Kerala Village

Beyond the beauty of backwaters, beaches, hills and the wildlife, villages of Kerala are a perfect destination to explore. The greenery views and the life of locals will vary from the south to north of the state and gives an amazing experience. The local Toddy shop is a must-visit place in the villages, where we get natural palm wine and different varieties of foods.



Festivals in Kerala speaks about history, culture, belief and are celebrated with passion. Festivals are an integral part of the social and culture of the state. Kerala celebrates festivals of all religions with the same enthusiasm and passion and is a perfect example of secular. During festive seasons Kerala reaches whole new jollity.


Seven Football Kerala

If you are a sports kinda person, you should never miss a Sevens Football match, a contribution of Kerala to the game of football. Popular in Northern districts of Kerala, this tournament will have teams with seven players each and played on a small clay field, is truly a mix of both profession and passion.


Edappally Church

Located in Kochi, St. George Forane Chruch is popularly known as Edappally Chruch. Constructed in 593 AD, the church is one of the oldest Catholic Churches in Kerala.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, 22 km away.
Nearest railway station: Ernakulam Junction, 7 km away.